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10606214_10152646783655857_5048083928405535096_n“I tried a couple of massages before and didn’t get much out of them, but after I made my first appointment here, I’ve been a monthly regular ever since.
I sit at a computer desk all day and try to keep up my exercise levels to stay in shape. Before I tried massage, my neck and leg joints were almost always in a bit of pain. Even seeing a physical therapist and changing my exercise habits didn’t entirely fix the problem. But since becoming one of Chloe’s regular clients, that joint pain is gone – I’m more productive at work and able to exercise more effectively.

Chloe’s great at making you feel welcome and comfortable, and very attentive to your needs while she works. She’ll chat with you if you want, or she’s just as comfortable letting you drift off to sleep if you prefer that. If you need more or less pressure, just say the word – unlike some others, if you ask her to adjust, she’ll remember!
Excellent work all around, highly recommended.
I’ve also got to give a quick shout-out about the paperwork too. Quick and non-invasive (fill-in-the-blank gender section is neat!), and online scheduling rocks!”

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Chris T.